Before You Get Pregnant

Before You Get Pregnant

Preventing the Unintended Legacy of Heavy Metal Toxicity in Expectant Mothers

When news of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan broke, people around the world - especially parents - were horrified. Over 100,000 people had been exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water, a particularly dangerous situation for young children and pregnant women. It’s common knowledge that lead poisoning can result in developmental delays, difficulties learning, and a multitude of health problems that last for a lifetime.

Heavy Metals in our Environment

What many may not realize, however, is that all of us, through no fault of our own, are constantly exposed to toxic heavy metals. Beauty products, furniture with fire retardant coverings, seemingly innocuous items like car keys, rice, and pesticide-carrying fruit and vegetables all contain elements like mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, nickel, arsenic and lead.

Health Risks from Heavy Metals

Over time, these elements build up in our bodies to such a degree that they pose a significant threat. They can oxidize, damaging surrounding tissue and creating inflammation in systems and organs throughout our bodies, including the brain, digestive system, liver, and nervous system. The cumulative impact creates a tremendous strain on the immune system, making us more likely to contract various illnesses.

Heavy Metals and Pregnancy

The placenta serves as a gatekeeper against some toxic substances, preventing their passage to the developing fetus. Unfortunately, environmental contaminants like arsenic, cadmium and lead are not among them. Mothers who carry high levels of toxic elements themselves can unknowingly pass them on to their developing child. Research has found that toxicological effects of heavy metals could alter physiological changes during the critical phase of fetal cell division and differentiation.

Impacts on Mothers and Children

Studies have found a link between exposure to inorganic arsenic and stillbirths and miscarriages. Prenatal exposure to arsenic, cadmium and lead has a negative impact on birth weight, birth length and head circumference as well as premature births. In general, low-birth-weight babies are at higher risk of physical and mental disabilities, illness and premature death.

Removing Heavy Metals Safely

Clearly, it’s to everyone’s advantage to eliminate heavy metals from our bodies. Women who want to have children will want to engage in a detoxification process well before becoming pregnant to avoid inadvertently passing on poison to their children. Switching to a diet with high levels of fiber, quality protein and zinc, B vitamins and Vitamin C is a good start, but to actually get rid of the problem, you’ll need to do a cleanse.

Zeolite: The Heavy Metal Magnet

Within the last ten years, a scientific breakthrough has yielded a process for turning a natural detoxifying crystal, zeolite, into a water-soluble product. Each chamber within zeolite’s structure carries a negative charge which attracts positively-charged toxins such as lead or mercury and binds them. However, our bodies don’t store zeolite; thus, when we excrete the zeolite, the bound metals are also eliminated.

Prospective parents consider a heavy metal cleanse before proceeding any further. Aside from the personal benefits, your child will thank you for it.

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