Cause or Symptom

Cause or Symptom

When it comes to your long term health your choice to address one or the other can make or break your vitality.

Life is full of choices. We make many of them on a daily basis, some are small and don’t have much impact and others can change the course of our life. How you choose to approach wellness is one of the big choices. Do you choose to follow the allopathic route or the “alternative” approach? Let us take a look at both approaches and attempt to make an argument which option might be best to start with.

I’m not anti-Pharma, anti-MDs or the medical establishment. They all have their purpose.

My friend is a cardio thoracic surgeon and if I need surgery for anything pertaining to my cardiovascular system I want him in the room. I don’t need him to do an analysis of a back ache. It is not his area of expertise. This approach should be taken when looking at all aspects of your health and wellness.

Why look to maintenance before looking for a solution to the cause.

Symptom Based Therapy

I think as a population we have become too dependent on the “doctor says” philosophy. Let us look at the model. Medical doctors are trained in pharmacology and the prescription of drugs or procedures to address symptoms of a patient. If you have a list of symptoms, say drowsiness, lack of motivation, feelings of sadness and lack of libido as an example; your physician will look at those symptoms to give you a “diagnosis” and possibly give you a title. You’re depressed! Based on the diagnosis she can prescribe You a pharmaceutical to take to manage the symptoms. This is where managed care comes in.

The goal of medicine today is not to cure your issue or even treat the cause, the focus is on symptom management. If you hurt, let’s mask the pain. You don’t sleep well or can’t get to sleep, let’s give you a drug to put you in a minor coma. Over time you may show other symptoms of “issues” where you need additional prescriptions to manage those symptoms. Sometimes you need prescriptions to manage side effects of the prescriptions you have been prescribed. This seems odd. This is not how you get well. It is how you check out, and unfortunately today millions and millions of Americans are part of this culture. Nothing wrong with it, it just seems odd.

Cause Derived Solutions

Now let us look at the other side of the coin. With every symptom there is an underlying cause. It should stand to reason that if you remove the cause from the area of the body where the disruption is taking place then the symptoms would cease. No cause. No effect.

Think of a group of children in a classroom. If you have one child who is acting out and causing disruptions, you simply remove the problem child and get back to business. The children who know how to behave will go back to acting properly once the cause of the disruption is removed. The body is no different.

The problem to this point in time has been how to effectively find the problems in the body and remove them. Good thing we have a “solution” for that now.

Back in the 1970’s the World Health Organization stated the primary cause of chronic degenerative diseases were environmental toxins. Times haven’t changed. They have actually gotten worse. We are more toxic as a population (and I mean globally) than we have ever been. Hence rates of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and other health conditions are at their highest points in history and rising.

We’re toxic! No arguments can be made. From Day 1 you are poisoned. Your mother pushed mercury and other toxins into you while you were in the womb and then through breast milk and then you got everything else we deal with. The Environmental Working Group has proven and continues to document that 30% of mercury in a mother is passed to her infant along with other chemicals, pollutants and toxins. Plus based on weight and size a baby is 8 times more toxic than its mother.

So the question is, are you sick or just toxic? Does it not stand to reason that it might make more sense to look into removing the toxins that are causing your symptoms before trying to treat the symptoms themselves? If you remove the toxins you just might start feeling better. If you don’t have symptoms yet, great. Do what you can to get the toxins out early enough and find out how amazing a truly healthy body can function.

If you have symptoms that concern you, try doing some work to clear out the toxins, chemicals and pollutants. You might not need to take the drugs commonly prescribed for your symptoms. If you are already being “treated” for issues, try cleaning your body up. Watch the miracle that is the human body function when blockages and stressors are removed. You might find you may not need the drugs anymore or you can dramatically decrease what you need to maintain some semblance of balance.

Don’t be afraid to try the “alternative” before going mainstream. You just might find vitality.

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