Healing a Lifestyle: Client Uses Vitality Release Drops to Re-imagine Health in Her early-50s

Healing a Lifestyle: Client Uses Vitality Release Drops to Re-imagine Health in Her early-50s

Meals consisted of lean protein and simple carbohydrates like broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and spinach. Intermittent fasting was also part of the routine – and large quantities of water. “Hydrating is the key and I was drinking around 128 ounces of water per day,” Nevils says. “The whole program works to burn fat, assist the healing of the liver and remove toxins at the cellular level.”  

Along the way, she got a firsthand experience of the connection between heavy metals and other environmental toxins and weight gain. Those toxins interfere with the body’s hormonal function by mimicking or partially mimicking naturally occurring hormones, binding themselves to our cells’ receptor sites, and making it impossible for our hormones to send appropriate signals while also interfering with thyroid function which controls metabolism. Vitality Release Drops is a soluble form of the mineral zeolite which acts like a magnet, attracting heavy metals through its own ionic charge and binding them together. Even those that are too small to be eliminated on their own become bound within the cage-like structure of the drops, trapping them and safely removing them from the body.

Just how many toxins were present in Nevils’ body came as a surprise. A week before the program began, she decided to utilize a standard testing protocol, a urine analysis for heavy metals that defines the level of toxins naturally being released from the body without using any type of binder or detox product. Then, 7 days later, after being on the Vitality Release Drops protocol, she repeated the test to see what level of toxins Vitality was binding and removing from her system.

Due to the efficacy of the formula and its ability to work systemically binding and removing toxins, the second test proved to be off the charts for levels of toxins being removed from her system, specifically when it came to arsenic.

“We don’t think about it, but arsenic is in so many things we eat,” says Nevils. “It’s in rice, it’s in quinoa, it’s in all of our wines from California and Washington State. The only wines that don’t have arsenic are European, South American and organic wines of course.”

While the end result was worth it, the process was no picnic and takes discipline, she notes. “I’m not going to lie; it was hard not to have avocado on your salad or cheese or bread. I’m not even a big bread eater but I was dreaming about bread. I didn’t have the comfort of wine or food to hide behind so I felt a bit exposed. I had to keep reminding myself that it’s only 9 weeks out of my life.” 

By the end of the program, the results were in. Nevils had lost 25 pounds, including a total of 15 inches off her thighs, waist, arms and breasts. The tinea versicolor has faded and is nearly gone. “It’s not reproducing at all,” she says. “I have no more systemic candida and I haven’t been having any hot flashes. The biggest thing is that I have consistent energy because there’s no spike in insulin. You don’t get tired but just maintain a level of focus. It’s amazing what it does for the brain.” 

In the program’s final phase, she took the herbal supplement that is part of the protocol called Pure Green that is designed to reset the metabolism and she also gradually began re-integrating fats into her diet. “I put creamer in my coffee now and am eating avocado again,” says Nevils. “I’ve weaned my body off of sugar and I’ve cut way down on my wine.” Her goal is to lose another 15 to 20 pounds by keeping her metabolism in fat-burning mode. 

“I’m really motivated now and very conscious about what I eat but I’m not fanatical,” she continues. “It’s been an amazing process. This is a program that I would recommend everyone do at least once in their life because of how awesome it makes you feel.”

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