Vaccination, Mercury & Detoxification

Vaccination, Mercury & Detoxification

Much discussion and debate surrounds these three words today for good purpose. Mercury, Vaccines and Detoxification strike a chord with millions of people for just as many reasons. This article does not serve as a means to stoke the fire, place blame on any source or make any pro or anti arguments. The goal is to address some of the real historical facts addressing mercury, vaccinations and detoxification looking at the past and present while taking account of how we are all victims of our own history.

You see, we are all very unique, more than many really acknowledge. We are made of a complex mix of genetics and other materials passed on maternally through generations. Some of these materials are chemicals and toxins which lead to a trans-generational passing of environmental toxins which build up generation after generation. These “toxins” have been proven to disrupt an organism to change physical features, mental capacity, physical performance/function and behavior.

One of these toxins is mercury. The worst known neurotoxin known to man with over 100 years of data to support the case that mercury is not a metal that any sane person would want exposure to over a short term or an extended period.

In the 1800’s, a term was coined to explain the issues caused by mercury exposure, Mad Hatter’s syndrome. You might remember the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, he was a little crazy. The character is based on science fact. Felt hat makers used to use mercury in their mouths to cure felt hats and make them more pliable. In so doing they became mercury toxic and showed some of the symptoms of mercury toxicity.

Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary describes this as “gastrointestinal (GI) and central nervous system (CNS) manifestations of chronic mercury poisoning, including stomatitis, diarrhea, ataxia, tremor, hyper-reflexia, sensorineural impairment and emotional instability; previously seen in workers in felt hat manufacturing who put mercury-containing material in their mouths to make it more pliable.”

Mercury exposure has been proven to disrupt more than just gastrointestinal and central nervous function. This will be touched on shortly. Think for a second about the population of children deemed to be vaccine injured, what are the main areas of concern discussed? Gastrointestinal and Central Nervous System disruption correct? So, this leads to the question of whether or not we have a vaccine issue or a mercury/neurotoxin issue.

Before we start to blame one source as the primary cause of damage to our youngest generations we must also look at the additional factors surrounding mercury toxicity in our society. The vaccine preservative thimerosal is ethyl mercury. Ethyl mercury is known to have the same neurotoxic effects as methylmercury. Mercury is mercury is mercury. It is all bad! There is zero valid beneficial scientific reason to inject a known neurotoxin into a child. Especially into an already toxic child.

Our exposure to mercury starts at day one. At conception a unique process begins in a woman. She begins to feed an outside body in her system by burning energy stores to aid in the development of the fetus. This starts a vicious cascade of playing survivor the real game. When a woman burns body fat she is doing two primary things. 1. Burning fat to create energy to aid in development.  2. Releasing the toxins which had been sequestered in the fat back into the bloodstream where the body has to address them again. Fat is a storage medium for energy and toxins that the body has to remove from circulation when the natural detoxification pathways we possess are insufficient to address the burden. So, think about this, someone who is overweight isn’t lazy, they’re toxic. Maybe they are “lazy” because they are so toxic, and their metabolism doesn’t function well enough to keep them motivated for more work. It’s a terrible cycle of decay.

When a woman is burning off fat and releasing these toxins back into the bloodstream what is the body supposed to do with these toxins again? Store them right? But now, her body has a plan b. A new receptacle to place all of these toxins and chemicals that have built up in her system. A closed system that has one way in and no way out. Her fetus becomes a primary mechanism of detoxification. When a fetus becomes overwhelmed while in the gestation process, it might lead to miscarriage.

How many women have had to endure miscarriages prior to having a “healthy” baby? I have close friends who have endured up to several miscarriages before having their first child. It’s horrible to watch someone endure the loss of a child, especially when it happens inside them. The guilt, the pain and the emotions are nothing that we men can ever comprehend.

When you get to have that beautiful baby, it is a day of celebration and elation. Is that baby pure or clean or just clean enough to make it? We joke about “first-borns” being the most screwed up. It’s true we carry the greatest body burden when compared to our siblings on average. This creates the foundation for risk from the other areas of exposure for toxins and chemicals.

Where does this mercury in mom come from? From her mom, from breast milk, from amalgam fillings (50% mercury), from environmental exposure (remember those broken thermometers), from food and water supplies and from preservatives in vaccines.

Is there one culprit to blame when a child tips from a vaccine injection that serves as the tipping point? There was a long journey to get to that point. The child just got there quicker than most.

The medical community has moved towards making a diagnosis based on the symptoms manifested by a patient. This diagnosis is classified into disease, condition and syndrome states depending on the combination of symptoms. I am one who subscribes to the philosophy of etiology over symptomology. If you address the cause of an issue the symptoms will cease. If you only treat the symptoms and never the cause the prolonged progressive damage of the cause will lead to progressive symptoms which would need further treatment over time if the cause is continually left unchecked.

Let’s look at mercury for what it is proven to disrupt and cause. As was discussed earlier mercury is known to disrupt GI and CNS function. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Mercury is known to damage these systems as a start: Immune, Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Psychological, Reproductive and Neurological as well as motor

Here is a brief outline of symptoms of mercury toxicity and areas


  • irritability
  • anxiety/nervousness, often with difficulty in breathing
  • restlessness
  • exaggerated response to stimulation
  • fearfulness
  • emotional instability, lack of self-control, fits of anger, with violent, irrational behavior
  • loss of self confidence
  • indecision
  • shyness or timidity, being easily embarrassed
  • loss of memory
  • inability to concentrate
  • lethargy/drowsiness
  • insomnia
  • mental depression, despondency
  • withdrawal
  • suicidal-tendencies
  • manic depression
  • numbness and tingling of hands, feet, fingers, toes, or lips
  • muscle weakness progressing to paralysis
  • ataxia
  • tremors/trembling of hands, feet, lips, eyelids or tongue
  • in-coordination
  • myoneural transmission failure resembling Myasthenia Gravis
  • motor neuron disease (ALS)
  • Multiple Sclerosis


  • severe amnesia
  • constant feelings of tension and strain
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • difficulty and even impossibility to control behavior
  • indecision
  • loss of interest in life
  • mental or emotional depression
  • tiredness nearly all the time
  • a feeling of being “old”
  • resistance to intellectual work
  • reduced capacity for work, both for intellectual and physical tasks
  • reduced powers of comprehension because information does not come through
  • increased need for sleep
  • headache about once a week. The headache often is migraine like, especially induced by weather changes and by prolonged sleep in the mornings


  • vertigo (dizziness)
  • facial paralysis, usually on the right side, that is partly permanent
  • damage to balance and hearing
  • a painful pull at the lower jaw toward the collar bone


  • bleeding gums
  • alveolar bone loss
  • loosening of teeth
  • excessive salivation
  • foul breath
  • metallic taste
  • burning sensation, with tingling of lips, face
  • tissue pigmentation (amalgam tattoo of gums)
  • leukoplakia
  • stomatitis (sores in the mouth)
  • ulceration of gingiva, palate, tongue
  • dizziness/acute, chronic vertigo
  • ringing in the ears
  • hearing difficulties
  • speech and visual impairment
    • glaucoma
    • restricted, dim vision
  • increased salivation
  • often-present sour metallic taste
  • bleeding gums at tooth brushing
  • burning mouth and tongue
  • reactions to electricity and oral galvanism of the mouth.


  • food sensitivities, especially to milk and eggs
  • abdominal cramps, colitis, diverticulitis or other G.I.
  • complaints
  • chronic diarrhea/constipation


  • abnormal heart rhythm
  • characteristic findings on EKG
    • abnormal changes in the S-T segment and/or
    • lower broadened P wave
  • unexplained elevated serum triglyceride
  • unexplained elevated cholesterol
  • abnormal blood pressure, either high or low
  • irregular heartbeat (palpitations), often together with anxiety
  • strong pains in the left part of the chest come on


  • repeated infections
    • viral and fungal
    • mycobacteria
    • candida and other yeast infections
  • cancer
  • autoimmune disorder
    • arthritis
    • lupus erythematosus (LE)
    • multiple sclerosis (MS)
    • scleroderma
    • amyolateral sclerosis (ALS)
    • hypothyroidism


  • chronic headaches
  • allergies
  • severe dermatitis
  • unexplained reactivity
  • thyroid disturbance
  • subnormal body temperature
  • cold, clammy skin, especially hands and feet
  • excessive perspiration, w/frequent night sweats
  • unexplained sensory symptoms, including pain, unexplained numbness or burning sensations
  • unexplained anemia
    • G-6-PD deficiency
  • Chronic kidney disease
    • nephrotic syndrome
    • receiving renal dialysis
    • kidney infection
  • adrenal disease
  • general fatigue
  • loss of appetite/with or without weight loss
  • loss of weight
  • hypoglycemia


  • heat, burning, tingling, soreness, itching of the scalp
  • burning muscles in the back and neck, burning ears
  • feeling movement in the brain
  • aching of the bones at the base of the skull
  • sounds of crackling, popping at base of brain
  • headaches right after eating
  • muscular aches in areas of the body where previous injuries have occurred
  • double vision
  • crossed eyes (see Carol’s story below)
  • chronic bladder infections
  • joint pains, especially increasing about a year after receiving the implantation of amalgam fillings
  • pains in the lower back
  • weakness of the muscles with a slowing down of muscular action
  • feelings of pressure, pains, and parenthesis (“pins and needles”) in the region of the liver
  • parenthesis in the region of the lymph nodes under the arms and in the groin
  • eczema or other skin eruptions
  • legs feeling so heavy like they are weighted down
  • Lhermitte’s Sign (electric shock-like sensations throughout the body)
  • joint pains, especially increasing about a year after receiving the implantation of amalgam fillings
  • pains in the lower back
  • weakness of the muscles with a slowing down of muscular action
  • feelings of pressure, pains, and parenthesis (“pins and needles”) in the region of the liver
  • gastrointestinal irritation
  • parenthesis in the region of the lymph nodes under the arms and in the groin
  • eczema or other skin eruptions
  • bleeding from the retina of one or both eyes
  • dim vision, especially after exercise
  • slow and poor accommodation to changes in vision distances
  • Inability to fix one’s gaze
  • uncontrollable eye movements
  • eyes drawn to one side
  • imaginary geometric figures appearing in the visual field, which migrate in a few minutes from the periphery toward the center and slowly disappear
  • “film” seeming to appear over the eyes
  • dry eyes
  • a gray ring forming permanently around the cornea (known as Arcus senilis)
  • asthmatic breathing troubles, such as a feeling of not being able to inhale
  • A “cracking” sound in the lower part of the pleural sac, forcing one to cough
  • red irritated throat
  • inflammation in the upper airways and pleurisy appearing about a year after the dental treatment with amalgams
  • difficulties in swallowing

The above should serve as confirmation that mercury toxicity is at the root of virtually all of our health issues. Mercury is not metabolized, and it does not degrade. It only accumulates. Mercury is also known to act as a synergist when in combination with other heavy metals. The presence of mercury compounds the negative effects of lead, aluminum and other toxic heavy metals. It is not a 1 + 1 = 2 reaction. It is more like 1 x 1 = 10,000. The Environmental Working group finds over 280 different known chemicals, toxins and heavy metals in the cord blood of infants born today and has for decades. This means that there is no person on this planet that is not toxic. The extent of your level of toxicity, body burden, depends on the family history, environmental exposure and lifestyle. Then your body burden will dictate how your body responds to that environment. The manifestation of symptoms is different in all of us. One could make the argument that a major factor in our personality is how the toxins that have accumulated in our system affect our functioning.


This may serve as a surprise to some and a reminder to others. Some vaccines (many) have neurotoxic preservatives in them. Mercury in the form of thimerosal is in many vaccines used today. All are at levels that are dangerous. Some have extremely high levels. Plus, mercury being a heavy metal when used in a multi dose bottle the thimerosal will settle at the bottom of the bottle. If the bottle is not shaken consistently before use the last dose will have a much higher concentration of mercury which has led to the 10th Kid Theory. High levels of mercury or other neurotoxins injected directly into already toxic children is a recipe for disaster.

You will find when doing research from many credible sources such as the NIH and there are zero true safety studies done with vaccines and the interaction with children. No research has ever been completed to analyze the effects of multiple vaccinations at one time. The amount of  mercury and other preservatives we are injecting in children and adults is unprecedented. Add this with the fact that our trans-generational exposure to toxins is also at all-time highs in addition to the environmental issues that have permanently poisoned the world we live in. We play a dangerous game when having  children naturally in today’s world. For me, the risk-reward balance of vaccinating a child is so skewed towards the risk that I find no good argument over vaccinations that include any preservative. Look at the disclaimers and labels for a few of the vaccines on the market.

The World Mercury Project and Robert F Kennedy Jr are doing a great job discussing the negative effectives of mercury in vaccines. Additional info can be found by doing research with PubMed. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) for decades now has done tremendous research to validate the levels of toxicity found in adults as well as the cord blood of infants. You can find many crusaders online and on television discussing the problems with vaccines and mercury. The documentary “Vaxxed” which discussed the whistle blowing of Dr. William Thompson and Dr. Andrew Wakefield provides great insight into the issues. Robert De Niro and JB Handley are doing the media tour to make the “anti-vax” message more prevalent in an effort to teach people about the dangers of preservatives in vaccines.

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